Takamine Guitars: G Series G406S New Yorker

by Guitar Guru

“Small Package with Personality”

When you play a G406S New Yorker, it can almost feel as if you’ve gone back in time. This plucky little package has the smallest body profile made by Takamine and a ‘back to basics’ shape that is easy as pie to handle and a sound that is reminiscent of the sound you hear from the guitarists who accompanied those husky WWII torch singers.

The G406S has what can only be described as a clear but full-bodied sound, a sound which can be attributed to its solid spruce top. A drawback though (due most likely to its size) is that it lacks a depth to its lower notes. But between its quilted maple back and mahogany neck, it’s as pretty to look at as it is a joy to play if you are a finger-style player.

The joy gets tarnished a bit when you take a pick to the New Yorker; the sound becomes a bit tinny and you can hear a twang if you pick at it too hard. Also, as beautiful as this body is (and as nice as it feels to hold) it tends to dent and scratch quite easily. Since this beauty costs a little more ($499) than the lower-model Takamines, you may want to avoid using it with a pick unless you install a pick guard.

But the small shape of the Takamine G406S New Yorker makes it an ideal choice for younger players seeking a small body, or for those whose builds cannot manage a larger body. Its full-bodied tone makes it ideal for finger-style players and those who want an authentic early-American guitar sound.

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Dec 06, 2011
G Series NEW
by: Graham

Real nice little guitar for a finger-picker; especially for smaller venues. This instrument is good to accompany vocals, and it's small build makes it really easy to handle. Note the lack of pick-guard. If your style is flat-picking, perhaps look for guitar WITH a pick-guard. There are plenty to be had at this price-point....To install an after-market guard on this instrument would definitely impair its tone and COULD void any applicable warranty.

May 04, 2011
Small Package with Personality
by: Guitar Guru

Small Package with Personality

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