Takamine Guitars: G511SS Dreadnought

by Guitar Guru

“Like Chocolate for the Ears”

Rich is probably the first word that comes to mind when trying to describe the Takamine G511SS. Listening to the tone of the G511SS is like indulging in chocolate for the ears. With a broad, solid cedar top and deep body, the resonance of this beauty emphasizes the bass notes, giving the overall volume of the G511SS a boost that definitely won’t make you flinch, even with the strongest fingerstyle strumming.

The G511SS has a balanced, mellow, woody sound that lends itself well to classical work and fingerstyle play, but tends towards strident if used for pick work or if the wrong strings are used. In fact, you will need to look into replacing the strings that come with the G511SS and find some that reflect your personal playing style; the strings it comes with tend towards giving it a rather harsh tone that can affect your initial impression of this rather beautiful instrument.

One thing that may turn you off of the Takamine G511SS (or turn you on, depending on your perspective) is the G511SS’s Dreadnought body style; a large, deep body that gives this beauty its gorgeous tone, but which can be unmanageable for younger or more slightly built players. Yet, its reasonable price tag (under $500) should be a plus in anyone’s book.

If, however, you can manage the reach required by the G511SS and find yourself in need of a guitar that lends itself well to fingerstyle playing, you will find the Takamine G511SS an incredibly powerful and rewarding guitar to play, with a rich and mellow sound that truly is like chocolate for the ears.

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Dec 06, 2011
Yes, please...! NEW
by: Graham

Velvety smooth, warm bass, clear mids, pealing highs...this sounds NICE. Ah, the cedar top! What a princess. Finger-pickers are going to like this instrument. Lacking a pick-guard and having a SOLID CEDAR TOP means: PUHLEEEEEZE no flatpicks....! Cedar provides the warmest timbre, (the timber makes the timbre) but it is easy to scratch or dent. This is no 'party ax', but one which would appreciate being in the hands of a lady or gentleman.

May 06, 2011
Like Chocolate for the Ears
by: Guitar Guru

Like Chocolate for the Ears

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