Takamine Guitars: GS430S G NEX

by Guitar Guru

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“Perfect Beginner’s Guitar”

If you are a beginning guitar player looking for a good quality instrument that won’t leave you penniless, then the Takamine GS430S G NEX may be just the guitar you are looking for. At <$300, this baby has a solid cedar top that delivers a tone that is rich and sweet while its reduced size makes it practical for those whose arm reach (or body build) cannot manage a full-sized dreadnought.

Speaking of body builds, however, this piece still has the dreadnought depth, which means that unless you have a fairly flat middle, you may still find yourself having to crane your neck to see the strings. So please, try it out to make sure that it feels right for you!

Another note of caution, the satin finish on the GS430S G may look awesome, but it dents and chips fairly easily. So unless you want to invest in putting in a pick guard, you may want to stick to finger-styling playing with this beauty unless you don’t mind gouging it, which really is a pity since it’s tone lends itself well to picking.

If you can get past the depth of the instrument and work out a way to use a pick without risking some serious wear and tear, you’ll find that this guitar is probably one of the best quality guitars for the price. It provides a richness of tone and texture of sound that will encourage the beginning guitarist to keep practicing where other guitars might very well cause them to become discouraged.

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Jan 15, 2018
Better than a beginner's guitar NEW
by: 1TakFan

It may be inexpensive, and labeled as a "beginner" guitar but the build & sound quality of the GS430S, and generally all of Takamine guitars, is outstanding. Not really a "beginner" guitar though....but it does make for a "very nice" 1st acoustic guitar.

Apr 29, 2012
Finger-picker! NEW
by: Graham

Recently played one of these. Very nice. This axe is for finger-pickers. If you are EVER going to use a flat pick, BUY A DIFFERENT GUITAR. These, which come without a pick-guard, are NOT for flat picking. Installing an aftermarket guard will serve only to muffle this guitar's lovely tone...

May 04, 2011
Perfect Beginner’s Guitar
by: Guitar Guru

Perfect Beginner’s Guitar

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