Taylor Fall Limited Edition 714ce

by Noel Gama

I own a Taylor Fall Limited Edition (Koa/Western Red Cedar) 714ce, a black Ovation 1778LX fitted with a Roland midi pickup, a Yamaha FG 12-string guitar and a Fretlight electric. I use the Taylor for fingerpicking at home - still learning:) The Ovation is good for strumming. I plug it into the Roland GI-20 via midi pickup and then into an auto-accompaniment module so that I get a full backing band by merely strumming chords on the guitar!

For big shows, I play a keyboard - the Roland EM2000 Intelligent Arranger which does the same thing. I also use the Digitech Harmonizer (for keyboards) and the new Digitech Live 4 (for guitarists) for generating beautiful vocal harmonies. Yes, it's me and my machines!

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