Acoustic Guitar Amps: Ibanez Troubadour T35 35W

by Guitar Guru

“Good Sound, Boxy Look”

This is the more powerful version of the Ultrasound AG-30 but in the Troubadour line. It offers versatile EQ, a 10" speaker, 35 watts of power and a couple of effects.

This guitar amplifier will help you get the sound you want with the big punch that you're looking for. This amp also has a line to help you get the right tone. Despite the cheap vinyl covering and boxy appearance, the amp looks pretty decent.

It comes with an adjustable chorus effect and adjustable reverb effect. You can create a more distorted sound with this amp. However, it can produce a really clean sound without much hissing. It's perfect for playing at small or medium-sized venues as you'll be able to project your sound to the whole room.

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May 18, 2011
Good Sound, Boxy Look
by: Guitar Guru

Good Sound, Boxy Look

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