Acoustic Guitar Amps

Why use acoustic guitar amps? ... Many people prefer the sound of acoustic guitars over electric guitars. And when playing for large audiences and venues, an amp is essential for delivering sufficient acoustic volume to the audience.

Acoustic Guitar Amps: Ibanez Troubadour T10 10W
Ibanez Troubadour T10 10W Guitar Amp, ~$99
Acoustic Guitar Amps: Acoustic AG15 15W Combo
Acoustic AG15 15W Guitar Combo Amp, ~$99
Acoustic Guitar Amps: UltraSound AG-30 30W
UltraSound AG-30 30W Guitar Amp, ~$199
Acoustic Guitar Amps: Ibanez Troubadour T35 35W
Ibanez Troubadour T35 35W Guitar Amp , ~$279

Acoustic Guitar Amps: Vox AGA70 70W Combo
Vox AGA70 70W Guitar Combo Amp, ~$399
Acoustic Guitar Amps: Fender Acoustasonic Junior DSP Combo
Fender Acoustasonic Junior DSP Guitar Combo Amp , ~$499
Acoustic Guitar Amps: Fishman Loudbox 100
Fishman Loudbox 100 Guitar Amp, ~$599
Acoustic Guitar Amps: UltraSound Pro-250 250W Triamped
UltraSound Pro-250 250W Triamped Guitar Amp, ~$980

Acoustic Guitar Amps

There is nothing like the rich tones of an acoustic guitar. But the inability of acoustic guitars to substantially project sound means that, in order to be heard, an acoustic guitar amp needs to be used.

Are Acoustic and Electric Amps Interchangeable?

No. Acoustic amps are made to complement an acoustic guitar’s clean, smooth tone and have a specially blended configuration of components in order to project their sound; components and blends that electric guitar amps just don’t have. It isn’t a matter of one being better than the other; it is more like comparing apples and oranges.

Choosing an Amp

Before you purchase an amp for acoustic guitar, you must first take a few things into consideration. First, how big is your budget? There are a lot of acoustic amps available at a fairly wide range of prices. Another thing to consider is your venue. How much power are you going to need? The bigger the venue, the more output you are going to need from your amp. The key, however, is to test out the amp to see if it sounds right to your ears and for your style.

Favorite Amp

Fender Acoustasonic Junior DSP Combo Amp with Effects

Perhaps one of the best comprehensive acoustic amps out there (and my personal preference) is the Fender Acoustasonic Junior, which costs about $500. There are models of acoustic amps that cost less, but this one projects a tonal quality that resonates with my own personal playing style.

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