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Acoustic Guitar Case As any acoustic guitarist will tell you, an acoustic guitar case is possibly the most vital guitar accessory for those wanting to take their guitar on-the-go. These practical accessories come in a myriad of different forms and styles; from lightweight and easy-to-carry fabric cases to extravagant, expensive solid cases used by guitar addicts and serious musicians.

The acoustic guitar has enjoyed huge popularity in recent years and is commonly thought to be one of the most popular instruments in the world. Therefore it is no surprise that countless accessories, in particular guitar cases, now abound in the marketplace to meet the incredible demand from guitarists.

Hard Cover Cases

What Type of Case to Choose?

Thanks to the huge choice of guitar cases available, debates have sprung up concerning which type of guitar case is ultimately the most practical. In terms of travelling, a fabric case is economical, light weight and very portable. However, the chance of damage occurring to the instrument is higher with a fabric case compared to a hard cover, plastic case.

When choosing a guitar case, reflect on the venues where you will be taking your instrument. Are you going from performance to performance in high traffic venues or just taking it with you when visiting friends? The level of required protection will vary, depending on your answer.

The ideal beginner's acoustic guitar case might be the relatively inexpensive fabric case that allows for easy transportation and ample protection until one starts getting serious with their guitar playing. Once serious and playing at busy, high traffic venues, then it would be the best time for a move to a hard cover, plastic case.

Soft Cover Cases or Gig Bags

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