Acoustic Guitar Neck

An acoustic guitar neck is probably one of the most important parts of an acoustic guitar.

What is the Neck?

The neck is the long piece of wood that is attached to the body of the guitar either by being glued on or by being bolted onto the body. Acoustic guitars frets, fretboard, truss rod, tuners and headstock are all attached to the neck and the type of wood that is used to shape the neck is usually different than the rest of the guitar. Many luthiers are very choosey in picking out the wood for the neck since the wood chosen can determine the overall sound of the guitar.

Some of the most desirable neck woods include mahogany, koa, Brazilian rosewood, Indian rosewood, sitka spruce, red spruce, maple, alder, poplar, basswood and ebony. Each of these woods lends a different sort of tone to the guitar.

Another important aspect is the neck’s rigidity with respect to the guitar’s body as well as the neck’s ability to resist bending. The better the rigidity of the neck, the better able the guitar is to hold a constant pitch.

Neck Repairs

There are situations in which a neck can become damaged. Installing or repairing a neck can be quite a challenging task and, depending on the damage, quite an expensive operation. Unless the repair is something simple; such as tightening the bolt that holds the neck onto the body, it is advisable to take your guitar to a professional repairman in order to get the best results.

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