Acoustic Guitar Stand

An acoustic guitar stand is essential, whether you are a professional musician or are just learning how to play.

Do You Need a Stand?

The best way to ensure that your acoustic guitar lives a long and useful life is to take good care of it. This means keeping it cleaned and tuned and out of the way of life’s little accidents. Guitar cases are a great way to move your guitar from place to place. But when you want to show off your guitar, or you need to have it ready to play at a moment’s notice, an acoustic guitar stand might be just what you are looking for.

A guitar stand is the piece of equipment; usually made of metal, wood or metal alloys; on which an acoustic guitar can be placed when it is not being played. There are different types of guitar stands including stands for displaying your guitar; stands for professional musicians, and travel stands.

Types of Stands

Display stands for acoustic guitars are usually heavier than performance stands. Many of them are made with heavy wooden bases and sometimes even locking arms to keep the guitar from tipping over. An example of a display stand can be found here:

A performance acoustic guitar stand needs to be able to take a lot of wear and tear. Usually made of metal, most performance guitar stands do not have locking mechanisms because the guitar needs to be available to play at a moment’s notice. Some guitar stands come as a stool on which the artist sits with a built-in guitar stand. An example of a performance guitar stand can be found here:

And finally, a travel stand for an acoustic guitar is a stand that you can take with you. Travels stands collapse easily for quick trips and are usually lightweight. It is not advisable to leave a guitar on a collapsible travel stand for too long due to the risk of someone or something tipping it over (they are usually not weighted). But for quick trips and performances, they will do admirably.

Whichever type of stand you choose, make certain that it is the right kind of stand for an acoustic guitar. And make doubly sure that you are using the right kind of guitar for the job.

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