Acoustic Guitar Strap

An acoustic guitar strap is a guitar accessory that can make all the difference, especially to the performing guitarist. It is a guitar strap that allows the guitarist to be able to play their guitar while standing or walking without having to sit and support the guitar on their leg. This frees-up the musician to be more flexible in their presentation or type of venue in which they perform.

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How to Install a Strap Button

To use your guitar strap, you slip one buttonhole end over the knob at the bottom of your guitar. The other end attaches to the knob on the underside of the neck of your guitar. If your guitar does not have a knob on the neck, you have two options, you can take your guitar to a luthier and have a knob put in, or you can do it yourself (not recommended if your guitar is an expensive model). If you wish to attempt this yourself, this video may help you.

Strap Materials

A strap can be made out of a variety of different materials including leather, flexible vinyl, woven natural fabrics, nylon or nylon/polymer blends or even chain links (I kid you not, I saw this used in a punk rock band back in the 80’s). For most musicians, comfort and convenience is the key.

For optimum performance (and the health of your back) an acoustic guitar strap should be adjusted so that the guitar hangs across one’s upper torso with the soundhole located approximately at the point where your lower ribcage ends. Women, on the other hand, can gauge where the guitar should hang by positioning the guitar just under and a slight bit below their breast line.

Make certain that you adjust the strap until the guitar feels comfortable for your body type and playing style and you will find your guitar playing experience enhanced.

Free Your Hands from your Harmonica

Now that you've freed your hands using a guitar strap, here's a great tool to free your hands if you play the harmonica. The original Perform harmonica holder offers perfect solutions when playing harmonica together with guitar. Its construction provides a good and secure positioning of the harmonica. The Perform harmonica holder is fixed at four points on the acoustic guitar, so it can’t move when playing music.

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