Simple Guitar Chord Chart

All guitarists are invited to this simple guitar chord chart. I provide a simple printable guitar chord chart on each page of this library...right click on diagram and select 'Print Picture...'

Cmin Guitar Chart

Alternative Names: C minor, C min, Cm
Cmin Guitar Chord

Music Theory

The C minor chord is made up of the "intervals" or scale notes (1 b3 5), notes C Eb G, counted from the root note of the minor scale. This simple chord may be inverted, meaning that we change the order of the notes. In first inversion, we play the notes b3 5 1, or Eb G C. The second inversion is 5 1 b3, or G C Eb.

Musicians mostly play songs in major versus minor keys. Minor chords are often used as secondary chords in major keys and less often as primary chords in minor keys. Minor chords have soft, sad, melancholic, dark or unhappy sounds.

Reading Chord Charts

Need a guide to reading the charts? Check-out this basic guitar chord charts guide.

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