Epiphone Acoustic Electric: EJ-200CE

by Guitar Guru

”A Jumbo Acoustic Electric at a Manageable Price”

With the Epiphone EJ-200CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar, finding a good sounding Jumbo Acoustic Electric that won’t cost you a fortune just got a lot easier. Not only is the EJ-200CE capable of producing a big sound thanks to its deep broad body, it has also been enhanced by state of the art electronics that make this instrument one you have to see and hear to believe.

Patterned after the famous Gibson jumbo guitars, the EJ-200CE is, at ~$399, only a fraction of the cost of a Gibson. Plus, the sleek body shape and etched dandelion design on the front give this instrument an aesthetic appeal that is difficult to duplicate at this price range. Now mind you, when it comes to sound the Gibson blows the Epiphone clear out of the water. But for a guitar less than $400, the EJ-200CE is quite the steal.

However, if you are looking for total quality, even with the eSonic2 preamp and the NanoFlex pickup the EJ-200CE still has its rivals. In fact, you can buy a
Fender Tim Armstrong Hellcat Acoustic-Electric Guitar
for just ~$299 and get an instrument that has a solid mahogany top as compared to the select spruce top of the Epiphone. While the sound is going to be different (mahogany and spruce have different resonances and tonal qualities) a solid top instrument will give you the better overall tone.

Of course you can get a better sound out of the Epiphone if you switch to a heavier gauge of strings (the strings it comes with tends to buzz), but even replacing the strings can only take you so far.

When comparing the Fender and the Epiphone for looks, however, the Epiphone wins without a breath of a fight. But if you’ve decided to go ahead and purchase the Epiphone, make sure that you purchase a case for it as well. We can recommend the
Gator Gw-Jumbo Acoustic Guitar Case (Black)
for just an extra $99.99. Note that this jumbo will not fit in a normal dreadnought sized case.

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A Jumbo Acoustic Electric at a Manageable Price

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