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Why buy an Epiphone Acoustic Electric Guitar? Epiphone has been creating excellent quality guitars for a very long time. Since 1873 they’ve been making fine instruments and developed quite the reputation during the early years of the 20th century. Indeed, Epiphone was at the very heart of the early jazz movement and became closely associated with some of the best known names of the era. Just because they fell on hard times after WWII, however, does not mean that they are no longer a force to be reckoned with.


Cheap starter acoustic-electric


Solid top worth the additional investment


Slim body & neck. Attractive budget guitar


Affordable, attractive Jumbo

1964 Texan Inspired

Great solid top, solid back acoustic-electric guitar at an affordable price!

EJ-160E John Lennon

Overpriced given the quality. Eye catching for Beatle's Fans

Masterbilt DR-500MCE

Outstanding all-solid wood guitar

Today Epiphone is a holding of Gibson Guitars. While many of their models are simply less expensive versions of the Gibson line, there are plenty of models that hold true to the original Epiphone dedication to quality and affordability including plenty of the Epiphone acoustic electric guitars. Below you will find our recommended Epiphone acoustic-electric guitar as well as a few other models that you may want to look into.


Epiphone Masterbilt AJ-500

Made by hand from quality materials, the Masterbilt AJ-500 may be at the higher end of the Epiphone price list. But when it comes to quality, Epiphone guitars really don’t get much better than this, so why settle for less? For just ~$549, far less than other ‘standard’ guitar models by other guitar manufacturers, you get solid wood construction as well as state of the art NanoFlex pickup technology and an eSonic2 preamp with a built-in tuner. The quality of the woods and the attention to detail in its construction gives you an instrument that is a joy to look at and a wonder to play.


Epiphone EJ-200CE. This is one of those guitars that blow you away with its full-bodied sound not to mention its sleek good looks. This is no tiny guitar. It is big both in size and in sound. The eSonic2 preamp and NanoFlex pickups greatly enhance the acoustic. While the price tag is ~$399, it is still an excellent deal when it comes to acoustic electric guitars.

Epiphone SST Studio Guitar. Talk about visually stunning; the Epiphone SST Studio Guitar has curves that you are going to want to cuddle up to and a sleek, smooth look that is emphasized by its lack of a soundhole. In fact, it is a bit startling at first glance. But if hearing is believing, then the SST will soon make a believer out of you in no time at all. With a price tag of just ~$349, you get an excellent acoustic-electric guitar that you will be proud to own and play.

Epiphone AJ-220SCE. When it comes to Epiphone acoustic electric guitars, the Epiphone AJ-220SCE will probably pop to the top of your must-have list fairly quickly. Not only does this guitar sound great, it also has a visual appeal that is hard to resist. Epiphone has a reputation for producing affordable, high quality guitars, and this solid spruce top priced at just $299 is no exception.

Epiphone PR-5E. This is definitely an instrument to be reckoned with. Designed by Epiphone in 1990, this model is built on the same specifications of the Epiphone classic 335 guitars. Its unique style puts one in mind of the old Epiphone models that were so very popular during the company’s hay days. Many will appreciate the comfort of its thin body. At just ~$299 this is a very affordable guitar and one that you will be able to play for years to come.

Epiphone AJ-100CE. No guitar, not even an Epiphone acoustic electric guitar is perfect. But when it comes to combining quality and affordability, Epiphone definitely has taken the cake with the Epiphone AJ-100CE. For an extremely reasonable price you get a good sounding guitar that is only enhanced by its included electronics. Try replacing the factory strings with Ernie Ball strings, and the resulting sound is amazing. It’s built on a Jumbo mahogany body with a select spruce top and a warm tone that is only complimented by the electronics. And with a price of just $169, there really isn’t a better deal on acoustic-electric guitars to be had.

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