Martin Luther King Jr Birthday

Acoustic Guitar Song for Childen

This song was written for the Martin Luther King Jr birthday and is called "Share The World". Tish McFadden wrote it for all ages to sing together in community. She especially wrote the song to help children understand Martin Luther King's message of peace to us all.

Tish McFadden is a writer, songwriter, and music educator. She is also an anthropologist and published author. She has worked book tours, signings, trade shows, and appeared on television and public radio for her songs. Tish has written professionally in multiple genres, but one of her deepest joys comes from writing songs for children.

Tish McFadden: Share the World

What underlies everything Tish does is a love of lyrically communicating the wonders of our world to young people. Artistically, her objective is to create songs that touch upon humanity’s poignant diversity as well as its rich common ground. Her works express positive imagery, vivid imagination and shared human experience --- for the enjoyment of children and adults alike. Through her writing, Tish aims to foster a link between the generations. She continually seeks to grow in her craft and develop her voice as a writer.

As a children’s music educator, many ideas for her manuscripts originated during the process of writing and recording original children’s songs for her music company, Rum Tum Music Co., and while working as a music specialist in elementary schools. Tish has performed as a musician and songwriter for children since 1989. She was voted Ashland Oregon’s Best Music Teacher in 2010.

Tish lives in Ashland, Oregon where she devotes her life to writing books, songwriting and teaching music in her private school, The Rum Tum School of Music.

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