Oscar Schmidt Ukulele: OU2E Concert Ukulele with Pickup

by Guitar Guru

”Sounding Great Was Never So Easy”

If you want your ukulele skills to be heard, there is nothing like the Oscar Schmidt OU2E Concert Ukulele with an active pickup system to do the job.

Slightly bigger than a soprano ukulele, the OU2E Concert Uke makes playing this size of an instrument a bit easier by giving you bigger frets on a slightly longer neck. Of course having an all mahogany body gives this little number a warm, honeyed tone all of its own. It is a tone that lends itself well to the island feel of the OU2E and will take you from the fireside to the stage with absolutely no problem.

One lovely addition to the Oscar Schmidt OU2E is that of an active pickup system. This means that you will be able to be heard over the crowd when you are playing professionally, and it’s a lovely feeling to know that all of your practice has not gone to waste.

There is some concern that changing the batteries in the pickup system can be a bit difficult, but the ability to amplify your playing is worth the effort it takes to be able to hear your performance amplified. Another downside is the fact that the OU2E tends to have a bit of a buzz when it first comes out of the box. However, this is something that can be compensated fairly quickly with a change of strings. Choosing a slightly heavier string (and ones of a better quality) will fix that up right away.

The best thing about the OU2E, however, is the price. At just ~$209, this concert sized ukulele is decidedly affordable. In fact, you’ll have enough left over to purchase a concert ukulele case (which can be had for ~$39).

Indeed, if you are a beginning ukulele player and are looking for a concert sized instrument that you can play either on stage or on the beach. So go ahead and invest in an Oscar Schmidt OU2E Concert Ukulele with Active Pickup System, you’ll be glad you did.

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Jun 19, 2012
Sounding Great Was Never So Easy NEW
by: Guitar Guru

Sounding Great Was Never So Easy

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