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Oscar Schmidt Ukulele There is something about ukuleles that make you smile, and an Oscar Schmidt ukulele will make you smile wider than most. Not only will you get a solid ukulele with well-rounded tones and sturdy craftsmanship, you also get an affordable price that won’t break the bank.

Perhaps it has something to do with the quality of the workmanship, or perhaps it has something to do with the number of high profile endorsees that the company has, or maybe it’s just the fact that Oscar Schmidt has been making stringed instruments since 1871. Whatever it is, an Oscar Schmidt pretty much takes the cake when it comes to quality instruments.

Oscar Schmidt Ukulele: OU13 Soprano Ukulele
OU13 Soprano Ukulele, ~$92
Oscar Schmidt Ukulele: OU3 Concert Ukulele
OU3 Concert Ukulele, ~$209
Oscar Schmidt: OU5 Concert Koa Ukulele
OU5 Concert Koa Ukulele, ~$309
Classy, glossy, inexpensive ukulele Attractive, affordable ukulele Quality, Koa Wood Ukulele! Beautiful inlays

Oscar Schmidt Ukulele: OU2E Concert Ukulele with Pickup
OU2E Concert Ukulele with Pickup, ~$209
Oscar Schmidt Ukulele: OU53S Baritone Ukulele
OU53S Baritone Ukulele, ~$299
Great if playing for a crowd Large body offers deep tone

History of Oscar Schmidt

Oscar Schmidt Ukulele Founded in 1871, the Oscar Schmidt line of instruments focused for years on bringing high quality stringed instruments to the more rural areas of the country; areas where no music stores could be found. From the Appalachian Mountains to the plains of the Midwest, there were many homes that sported Oscar Schmidt guitars, ukuleles, banjos and other instruments.

Finally incorporated in 1911, Oscar Schmidt expanded quickly throughout the US and even overseas until they had five factories throughout Europe as well as one on Ferry Street in Jersey City. While they did very well on their own, they have since gone even further due to being bought by one of today’s biggest musical manufacturers. Today Oscar Schmidt is a subsidiary of Washburn and prides itself not only on using premium tonewoods and proven construction methods, but in having affordably priced products that any player can afford.

When it comes to an Oscar Schmidt ukulele, the true nature of the Hawaiian Islands is brought to the forefront with traditionally crafted instruments that sound just the way that ukuleles are supposed to sound and that have those little touches such as mother of pearl and abalone inlays that give each instrument a little extra class.

Oscar Schmidt Today

In addition to the quality of its own name, an Oscar Schmidt now has the power of the U.S. Music Corp. name behind it. The parent company of such well-known brands as Washburn Guitars, Randall Amplifiers, Parker Guitars and Warwick Bases, the U.S. Music Corp. is only one of the world’s leaders in the importing and distributing of high quality musical instruments. With so many well-known and well-respected names under its belt, U.S. Music Corp. takes great pride in being able to bring quality musical instruments to musicians ranging from beginners to professionals.

While Oscar Schmidt instruments may no longer be family owned and operated, they are still well respected for their attention to detail and their desire to uphold the quality that made them an American favorite for decades. Today, thanks to U.S. Music Corp.’s leadership, an Oscar Schmidt ukulele can not only be found in rural homes, but can be owned by anyone anywhere in the world, and at a price that is decidedly affordable.

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Oscar Schmidt OU2 Concert

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