Introduction to the Lanikai Ukulele

Why a Lanikai ukulele? It is not often that a music company from South Germany makes such a big splash in the United States. But a Lanikai Ukulele is definitely a big hit with ukulele players from Maine to California and from Montana to Florida, USA. Lanikai LU-21

Popular with both beginning musicians as well as with professionals, a Lanikai will provide the player with all the best that ukuleles have to offer. While it is true that their first offerings of these four stringed instruments were made in China and did not have a very good reputation for quality, in recent years they have been improving the quality and reliability of their instruments. Today’s Lanikais are made with attention to detail and are regarded as an excellent choice for those beginning musicians who want a great sounding instrument without having to spend a small fortune.

Lanikai Ukulele: LU-11 Standard
LU-11 Standard
Lanikai Ukulele: LU-21 Standard
LU-21 Standard
Lanikai Ukulele: LU-21P Pineapple
LU-21P Pineapple
Inexpensive, beginner ukulele Sweet-toned beginner ukulele Traditional, pineapple-shaped ukulele

Lanikai Ukulele: LU-21C Concert
LU-21C Concert
Lanikai Ukulele: LU-21T Tenor
LU-21T Tenor
Lanikai Ukulele: LU-21BE Baritone AE
LU-21BE Baritone AE
Inexpensive concert ukulele Warm-toned tenor ukulele Affordable, attractive baritone ukulele

Lanikai Ukulele: LPK-C Concert Pack
LPK-C Concert Pack
Lanikai Ukulele: NK-T Tenor
NK-T Tenor
Ukulele pack includes concert-sized uklele with koa top, gig bag, tuner and instruction booklet Quality, solid koa top tenor ukulele with beautiful tone

Lanikai KP-B Kanikapila Baritone Ukulele
KP-B Kanikapila Baritone
Lanikai SB Solid Spruce Top Baritone
SB Solid Spruce Top Baritone
Affordable beginner ukulele with gig bag Solid spruce top baritone

Who Plays a Lanikai Today?

Lanikai LU-21 Lanikai instruments are very popular with Indie musicians thanks to their inexpensive instruments and ready availability. Almost all of those musicians who have played a Lanikai say that it is a great choice and would buy another one if given the opportunity.

Some of the best known performers who play a Lanikai Ukulele include Zach Condon of Beirut. Zach plays a Lanikai LU-21TE Tenor Acoustic Electric, which only costs about $169; ridiculously inexpensive for a professional level ukulele. Jason Mraz and Robert Plant also weigh in on the side of Lanikai, as evidenced in promotional photographs of these artists holding Lanikai ukuleles.

In general, choosing from the Lanikai LU-21 line is a great place to start for anyone looking to buy their first ukulele. These affordable instruments provide a first-time player with both decent tone and beautiful looking instruments.

Makers of Lanikai

Hohner Music Company, the parent company of Lanikai was founded by 1857 by Matthias Hohner and initially offered harmonicas and accordions in true German style. However, it wasn’t long before Hohner began offering kazoos, recorder flutes, banjos, guitars, bass guitars and ukuleles.

Hohner has been on the cutting edge of new musical instruments for many years, especially when it comes to electronic instruments such as mechanical keyboards and synthesizers. And they pride themselves in providing only the very best in musical instruments whether they are accordions or ukuleles.

In fact, Hohner makes a point of doing extensive research on each of their instruments before adding that particular instrument to their product line. This research not only includes checking for historical accuracy and the very best in construction methods, but also going to the origins of the instrument to see how it is played in its native environment and how those who are experts in this musical area relate to the instrument. This means that a Lanikai is the product of research done on many different levels and an investment that you will not regret.

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