How to Play a Guitar - The Beginner Guitar System

Have you always wanted to learn how to play a guitar? For many people, learning guitar is a dream that they never see realized, mainly because they can’t afford the lessons they feel they need. Well, now there is a solution. No matter if you are a young person or an adult, the Beginner Guitar System helps make your guitar playing dreams a reality.

How to Play A Guitar

Created by Nate Savage, the Beginner Guitar System will teach you how to play guitar using one of either two methods:

1) DVD and Book learning course, or
2) Digital online course

Whichever you choose, you will not be spending a lot of money because the Beginner Guitar System (BGS) provides you with over 20 hours of video instruction for the price of just 4 half-hour lessons. This is a real steal when you consider the amount of information included in this program. In fact, if you are looking to learn how to play a guitar without spending a small fortune, then BGS will be right up your alley, especially when you compare it with the cost of some of the competitor programs such as Learn and Master Guitar or JamPlay, both of which are quite pricey.

Perhaps one of the best things that can be said for the Beginner Guitar System is that it has a nice slow pace that takes into account those who are absolute beginners and need a little more time to get their bearings. Not only that, but the instructor is awesomely patient and appeals to a great many different personalities. Mind you, BGS only has one instructor as compared to online programs like JamPlay or Guitar Tricks (which each have 45 instructors on staff). This means that if for some reason you don’t like this instructor, you are stuck and are out the money that you paid for the program.

One thing that needs to be pointed out; while the DVDs included with this program are excellent instructionally, when you compare them to the far slicker Learn and Master Guitar DVDs they seem to come up a bit short. But when you are looking strictly at the amount of information that is taught on these DVDs and the way that the lessons are put together, the Beginner Guitar System can definitely hold its own.

One other thing that you might want to take into consideration; while the Beginning Guitar System is decidedly less expensive than other programs that claim to teach you how to play a guitar, there are no tools included in the program. You don’t get access to a tuner, chord library or any sort of song libraries or learning games to help your motivation.

But if you are looking to learn how to play a guitar and are wanting a solid foundation in the fundamentals without having to spend a small fortune on lessons, then the Beginning Guitar System may be just what you are looking for!

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