Guitar Microphones

Using guitar microphones ... When it comes to live performances, an acoustic guitar is simply unable to produce enough noise to be heard in a large amphitheater or concert hall. However, an acoustic guitar can provide a fresh sound that can complement any band performance, so it is important to consider using an acoustic guitar when performing live. Here are some of the best instrument microphone devices that you can use when playing live with your acoustic guitar.

GHS Original Acoustic Soundhole Microphone
GHS Original Acoustic Soundhole Microphone, ~$59
Guitar Microphones: Blue Snowball USB Microphone
Blue Snowball USB Microphone, ~$99
Guitar Microphones: Sennheiser E609 Silver Dynamic
Sennheiser E609 Silver Dynamic, ~$109
Guitar Microphones: Electro-Voice N/D468 Dynamic Supercardioid
Electro-Voice N/D468 Dynamic Supercardioid, ~$169

  Guitar Microphones: Sennheiser Evolution E906 Dynamic Guitar Amp Microphone
Sennheiser Evolution E906 Dynamic Guitar Amp Microphone, ~$189
Guitar Microphones: CAD Equitek e100 Condenser Microphone
CAD Equitek e100 Condenser Microphone, ~$249

Let Your Guitar Be Heard!

There are a number of devices that can help you pick up the sound of the acoustic guitar such as the acoustic guitar microphone, or the acoustic guitar pickup. The best kind of device to pick up the sound is a guitar mic, which can be a dynamic, wireless microphone that is designed specifically to only pick up the sounds produced by the acoustic guitar. An instrument microphone will usually be a directional microphone, only picking up sounds from the direction in which it is pointed.

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