Guitar String Reviews

Guitar String Reviews

If you are looking to replace the strings on your guitar, then guitar string reviews may come in handy in helping you to decide which brand and type of guitar strings to purchase.

What’s the Difference?

The difference between different guitar strings can be difficult to understand. Not only does one have to consider the weight or “gauge” of the string (which determines the tone of your guitar’s sound as well as the ease or difficulty of playing the instrument), but there are also different coatings and windings available.

Most Popular Strings


Elixir guitar strings have an excellent reputation for awesome tone and a long string life. And Elixir is known for having revolutionized guitar strings by extending a wound strings’ life without sacrificing its tonal quality. In order to do this, Elixir strings have been coated with either a Polyweb or Nanoweb coating, depending on the type of string being purchased. This approach generates the tonal quality of untreated strings while giving the strings a smooth response and tone. Furthermore, the resulting smooth and balanced tone generates fewer squeaks than untreated guitar strings.


Martin Guitar strings have the strength of Martin’s reputation behind them, and take pride in the quality of their product. When it comes to variety, Martin is by far the leader in the guitar string market. Martin carries a wide range of guitar strings for all the basic types of guitars, each line produced in all gauges (weights) as well as having strings that are both coated and uncoated so that the customer can choose the string that best serves their individual style and preference of tone.


Guitar string reviews repeatedly list D’Addario’s strings at the top of their list. D’Addario guitar strings are considered to be an excellent choice when choosing replacement strings; they have a great variety of types and coatings as well as weights and windings. In addition, they have strings specifically tailored for “Gypsy Jazz” or the “Django” style of guitar playing.

Ernie Ball

Earnie Ball acoustic guitar strings are considered to be an excellent choice when it comes to choosing strings for your acoustic guitar. Their selection of acoustic guitar strings may not be as comprehensive as some, but the quality and price make-up for the lack of choices. The Earthwood line (their most popular acoustic string) provides a crisp, ringing sound that many players find pleasing. And all of their products are produced with an eye to performance consistency and extended string life.


The guitar string reviews for each of these companies reveal that each produces strings which are of high quality and designed for extended string life. But in the end, it will be up to you, the musician, to choose a brand to suit your own preference and playing style.


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