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What are the best beginner acoustic guitars? Take a look at my acoustic guitar reviews of top picks.

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Top Guitar Pick

Original S6 Seagull, Cost ~$400
Worth the money. While costing a little more than other beginner guitars, this one is by far the best in terms of sound, craftsmanship, and playability. In fact, the sound of this Canadian-made guitar is as good as many higher-priced guitars. I find most accoustic guitars in the low-price-ranges made in China, Korea, and Indonesia simply uninspiring. This does not make them bad, but they do not stand out like this Seagull. In my opinion, this is the BEST BEGINNER ACOUSTIC GUITAR!

Seagull S6

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Yamaha FG700S Natural, Cost ~$200
Good quality for price. Of all the other guitars in this $200 price range, this is your best buy. The sound is full and bright and it keeps its tune. Made in China, the high gloss finish looks fantastic and tortoise pick guard compliments it very nicely. Note well-shaped neck. Be sure to change the factory strings on this guitar immediately to get your best sound.
Yamaha FG700S

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Takamine G340, Cost ~$250
Easy to play. Known for their higher-end quality instruments, Takimine's G Series acoustic guitar is good for the price. When paired with a nice set of strings (Elixir or Martin strings), the Takamine G340 sounds as nice as some $1,000 guitars. Rich lows, bright clean highs, but little bass. Very good separation between the strings, making it easy for beginners or those with chubby fingers to play. This particular Takamine model is made in China.

Takamine G340

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Epiphone Acoustic Guitar: AJ-220ST Guitar Pack, Cost ~$199 Solid spruce top, mahogony sides & back, and built-in tuner are true components to a quality, beginner guitar. Add-in the 3 hour DVD and picks - this is a steal!

Epiphone Acoustic Guitar: AJ-220ST Guitar Pack

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Fender DG-8S Value Pack, Cost ~$200
Best Beginner Acoustic Guitar Kit. Resonates nicely due to solid spruce top and large body. Comes with decent strings and smooth tuners. The neck is narrow and fits smaller hands nicely. Made in China, the factory set-up is inconsistent and may need some adjusting. Package includes tuner, gig bag, shoulder strap, picks, strings, string winder, and an instructional DVD.

Fender DG8S Value Pack

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Ibanez AC30NT Artwood, Cost ~$250
Thin body and beautiful with solid Engelmann spruce top. Less bulky than other beginner guitars, so perfect for hauling around. The downside of being smaller is its modest volume, slight tinny tone, and weak in bass and treble. But the intonation is perfect, it stays in tune and it has nice, fast action. Best for fingerpicking versus strumming. A very beautifully finished instrument with some pretty amazing detail and inlay work.

Ibanez AC30NT Artwood

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Epiphone Dove Acoustic Guitar Natural, Cost ~$299
This is a knock-out gorgeous guitar with looks and sound that will compel you to play everyday. Very popular model with old-school styling. If you can afford to buy this as your first beginner acoustic guitar, you won't be disappointed.

Epiphone Dove Acoustic Guitar Natural Chrome Hardware

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Martin LX1 Little Martin, Cost ~$299
Small but resonates. Solid spruce top resonates nicely in this 3/4-sized guitar. Handles fingerpicking without a buzz or rattle. Made in Mexico, it has good attention to finishing detail. Try Martin 550 strings for the best sound. Worth paying the extra money for the spruce top compared to the engineered wood top of the Martin LXM, for a better sound. The Martin is better than the Baby Taylor for rock or pop music, as it has a richer strumming sound. And the Martin stays in tune better than the Baby Taylor. This is a consistent favorite across the reviews.

Martin LX1

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Taylor Baby Taylor Mahogany Top, Cost ~$299
Small with good articulation. This 3/4-sized guitar is perfect for both young beginners and traveling artists. Choose the mahogany top model for the richest sound. Most Taylor guitars are expertly set-up at the factory, so don't expect to have to do any adjustments to the neck or string height. The mahogany or solid spruce-top Taylor is better than the Martin LX1 for delicate fingerstyle playing, as it has better articulation.

Baby Taylor

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